I'm loving: danielle laporte, deborah king, and nature's embrace.

1. With a tag line "Because self-realization rocks", how could you not fall in love with Danielle LaPorte?!  Her Firestarter Sessions have become my sacred commerce bible.  She's tickled me in alllllllll the right places.  When I'm not practising Yoga, I'll be at www.whitehottruth.com.  Yep, I'm obsessed.

2.  "Expressing the truth about who we are and what we really want is the key to peace and healthy living.  Listening to ourselves and acknowledging what we really feel allows us to change what is not working and to live in a more meaningful, purposeful way.  If we are not willing to listen to or see our truth, the question that we really need to ask is, who is the LIE for?" Truth Heals by Deborah King.
3.  There's something in the air and while it's not love, it's definitely the next best thing - negative ions.  For the past few days I've been resting in natures magical embrace - think waterfalls, beaches, and mountains.  Pure magic.

4.  Fry's Turkish Delight Medallions.  I can't help myself....I'm addicted.

5.  My new iphone 4.  I'm an iphone virgin so if you have any suggestions for some MUST HAVE APPs, tell me. 

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