new beginnings. new website.

The rambling epicure is no more...I have moved to  Check it out!!!   Much love Susana xo

dance, when you're broken open...

Dance, when you're broken open.
Dance, if you've torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of the fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance, when you're perfectly free

i'm lovin' this ART FOR MY RENT project

If you don't know who Evangeline Cachinero is then I highly recommend that you get to know her.

She's an artist.  And she's living here on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.  She recently quit her day job - you know that thing we do to make ends meet but it ends up shriveling up our soul + filling us with resentment??  Well, she's blazing her own trail + she's doing it on HER terms.  And to pay the rent each week, she's selling her artwork for the price of her rent.  And she's doing it for a year. 

Some of you may think she's crazy.  And she is!  But anyone who has the courage to follow their hearts deepest desires is someone I want to know.    I just love their ability to be completely vulnerable, embrace the unknown + trust that it's all going to work out  (all the things I think we need to nurture within ourselves).  These people are rare to find.  So when I find one, it's like winning the lottery!!  

You can check out her project at Art For My Rent.  And if you you see a piece of her work in her weekly rent special buy it immediately.  The very first piece she did sold within an hour.  Uh huh.  One hour.

deep. just how i like it.

something crazy happens when you start digging deep.  life is never quiet the same.  conversations that use to entertain you now seem shallow + superficial.  people that you use to love hanging out with seem to be stuck in a whirlwind of misery + excuses.  and the things that use to excite you just don't do it for you anymore.

digging deep can be really confronting + really confusing.  there will be times when you want to run right back into the arms of the life you always knew + the life you were comfortable in.  but when you do, it just doesn't feel right anymore.  you have no idea why, but it doesn't bring you the joy it once use to.  Yet, you hold on to the memories sooooo tight you will do anything to have the good old days back.  But no matter how tight you hang on, it's just not like it use to.  and when  you honor this truth, you can let go of the skin you've just shed with total grace + love and bask in the new skin that's glowing.
So embrace your new found life with open arms.  continue to dig deep.  coz life is sweeter here.  promise.


Living the undivided life + embracing it all.

yoga. pole dancing. chai lattes. red wine.  psychology. consciousness. marketing. sustainability. entrepreneurship. meditation. nightclubbing. kirtan. books. researching. cosmos. healing. metaphysics. philanthropy. tibetan bowls. nature. the city. mala beads. yoga pants. dresses. black boots. thongs. candles. incense. vegetarian. indian. thai. sushi. silence. concerts. tattoos. lesbians. photography. art. social media. the internet. space. sexy lingerie. connections. essential oils. intimacy. dark. light. mystery.typography.  bubbles. glitter. sex. cuddles. deep conversations. comedy. kisses. laughter. autumn. spring. pampering. self care. 

Living a life that is compartmentalised into several sections is exhausting.   I've been craving to find the intersection where life/work/love roll into one big ball.  I want to be able to integrate every aspect of myself in everything I do.  And I think I just discovered how.

I've been on this quest for quite sometime.  the 'rouge awakening' (as Sera Beak would say) which happened about this time last year, really ignited this wild fire within.  So there's going to be some changes around here.  The forcast for May was movement, and boy has it been a roller coaster ride.  The juicy details will be revealed soon.  But for now i'm celebrating wisdom expanding, ideas transforming, and life integrating. 


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