i'm loving the divine exhibitionist, the yoga rebel and my visual playground.

1. Spiritual Spanking.  Divine Exhibitionist.  Surreal Cosmic Whoopee Cushion. Brazilian Bikini Wax Prayer. Tree Humpers. Spiriutal ipod. Mind F*ck.  I drowned myself in Sera Beaks The Red Book: An Unorthodoxed Approach to Ignigting Your Divine Spark.  I could not put this book down.  For an entire day I high-lighted, took notes, pondered, reflected, connected and laughed my spiritual badass to the writings of Miss Sera Beak.  Look forward to the launch of her feature documentary Redvolution: Dare to Disturb the Universe.

2. New York Times have labeled her 'Yoga Rebel'.  She does not talk of sacred Hindu texts, chakras or chanting.  All her classes in her studio are $10 (which for those of us practicing yoga know that's CHEAP).  And, she's Deepak Chopra's Personal Yoga Instructor!!  Introducing Tara Stiles.

" What I'm doing with yoga is bringing it back to it's original source, without the exclusivity and private invitation.  You don't have to study Hindu philosophy, or a made up system of other convoluted modern pyramid influenced ideas that cloud the power of yoga and assign your loyalty to a teacher or leader".  I like her. A lot. 

3. If you like searching the web for images, whether it be your next amazing haircut, cool DIY ideas, favourite quotes, artworks, interior design, fashion, style, fitness, beauty, books...then you may easily fall in love with Pinterest.  I'm loving my visual playground at the moment.

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