It's time: the art of making BIG decisions.

There's the kind of decisions we make in the heat of the moment.  The ones when our blood is boiling, our body is tense and our teeth are clenched.  The kind of decisions we make in a wild cyclone of pissed off emotions and a whole lot of expectations that never got met.  The kind of decisions that feel like the right ones, like 'it's all for the best' or 'this is how its meant to be'.  But deep down in the depths of your soul, when all the anger and rage has subsided, decisions made in the heat of the moment are the ones you regret the most.

But then there's the kind of decisions we make when we're calm and grounded.  The ones when we're so still in our minds that we can hear the tiny whisper of our inner truth reveal itself to us.  The kind of decisions we make when we simply let go of having it all figured out and simply trust that our intuition always knows best.  These decisions come from a place of love and infinite possibilities, not lack and limitations.  But these decisions are harder to make, because they never make sense.  They just feel right. For no other reason than "it's time".

This is the art of making big decisions.  Have you mastered it?

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