i'm loving inscene art, Tasya Van Ree photography + Mystics on the Mat

It's Mardi Gras time!  Which means the entire gay community comes out to play, and even the straight people get a little bent.  It's definitely the most colourful time of the year!  And it looks like my love for all things rainbow inspired has intensified.

1.  Sunny Coaster Anita Pettinato was chosen as a feature artist to exhibit several of her works in the official Mardi Gras 2011 Gallery event.  Plus one of her pieces was chosen for the feature artwork in promoting the event.  Damn impressive for a self-taught artist!  This particular piece "She's looking at you" is being raffled off in support of the Sunshine Coast Community Hospice.  {I see this one on my walls already!}

2. Photographs infused with romanticism, darkness, and intimacy always capture my eye, especially those of Tasya Van Ree.  And I love her short artistic clips, especially this one.  Her work is predominately black + white, together with her girlfriend Amber Heard, they add a lot of sparkle to the rainbow.
3. Merging the poetry of the Divine with the power of yoga.  Heart Yoga: The Sacred Marriage of yoga and mysticism is a must for all Yoga teachers.  Shiva Rea thinks so.  And Seane Corn thinks this book is "...an inspiration and passionate guide recognising modern day yogis as mystics on the mat.  They invite us to experience our mats as temples, our movements as embodied prayer, the world as a divine altar, and our actions as the tools for change.  The sacred practice of yoga is a journey of personal illumination, universal recognition, mystical unification, and the inevitable understanding that it is love and action that can transform this planet..."  And this book gets the rainbow approval because the co-author, Andrew Harvey, is gay.

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