Dreaming of Sacred Commerce.

Imagine your workplace or your business as the new ashrams, the new  monasteries, the new centers for self-realisation?  

Imagine being Merchant Priests, Financial Alchemists, a Corporate Shaman, or a Director of Consciousness.  

Imagine making LOVE the bottom line: a love of enterprise (profit), a love of transformation (awakening), a love of the earth and the whole (sustainability), and the love of community (service).  

Imagine what it would be like if we evoked the sacred in the workplace.  

Imagine business/work being an expression of love, a school of transformation, a game of making a differnce now and playing it with conscious intention.

Incredibly inspired after reading "Sacred Commerce: Business as a Path of Awakening" by Matthew and Terces Englehart.  Merging Business + Spirituality into one and the same.

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