I'm Susana, an ecstatic activist with a fierce commitment to evoking the truth, making love the bottom line, and living life wholeheartedly.  I think authenticity is magnetic and a force of social change.  I believe that being true to yourself is about asking the right questions.  In my experience, if you slow down and listen to your deepest truth, you'll discover the most sustainable source of happiness.  I'm convinced that healing + transformation comes from cultivating a quiet mind, opening our hearts and nourishing our bodies.

This website is a portal for my insights and inspirations.  It's also a way for you to find out where I'll be teaching Yoga.  

discovering yoga.
A major meltdown (a.k.a quarter life crisis) led me to Vipassana; a 10 day Silent Retreat (the hardest thing I've ever done!).  Something shifted BIG time and everything changed after that.  In a matter of days, I retired from teaching group fitness after eight years, resigned from my sales + marketing role at the gym, let go of my five year marriage, and unexpectedly fell in love with a woman.  A couple of months later, I took a leap of faith and started my Yoga Teacher Training before I even took a yoga class.  

before now.
In the last eight years, I have taught 3000+ Group Fitness Classes of up to 50 people at a time.  Motivating + coaching people to get in the best shape of their lives + have a BLAST doing it = big smiles + a spring in my step .  Back in those days, I liked it hard, fast + loud and was rooted in the belief that there was no rest for the wicked. (what little did I know!!) 

For four years, I coached netball.  Little people netball.  private school girl netball.  semi-elite netball.  It was all about skills + drills, fitness + strength conditioning, nutrition + health, goal setting + team bonding.  Nurturing a team to its full potential = warm + fuzzies for me. 

I went to uni and got two degrees:  one in Marketing + one in Leisure Management.  So when I'm not practicing yoga, I'm getting off on marketing.

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