i'm lovin' this ART FOR MY RENT project

If you don't know who Evangeline Cachinero is then I highly recommend that you get to know her.

She's an artist.  And she's living here on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.  She recently quit her day job - you know that thing we do to make ends meet but it ends up shriveling up our soul + filling us with resentment??  Well, she's blazing her own trail + she's doing it on HER terms.  And to pay the rent each week, she's selling her artwork for the price of her rent.  And she's doing it for a year. 

Some of you may think she's crazy.  And she is!  But anyone who has the courage to follow their hearts deepest desires is someone I want to know.    I just love their ability to be completely vulnerable, embrace the unknown + trust that it's all going to work out  (all the things I think we need to nurture within ourselves).  These people are rare to find.  So when I find one, it's like winning the lottery!!  

You can check out her project at Art For My Rent.  And if you you see a piece of her work in her weekly rent special buy it immediately.  The very first piece she did sold within an hour.  Uh huh.  One hour.

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