Living the undivided life + embracing it all.

yoga. pole dancing. chai lattes. red wine.  psychology. consciousness. marketing. sustainability. entrepreneurship. meditation. nightclubbing. kirtan. books. researching. cosmos. healing. metaphysics. philanthropy. tibetan bowls. nature. the city. mala beads. yoga pants. dresses. black boots. thongs. candles. incense. vegetarian. indian. thai. sushi. silence. concerts. tattoos. lesbians. photography. art. social media. the internet. space. sexy lingerie. connections. essential oils. intimacy. dark. light. mystery.typography.  bubbles. glitter. sex. cuddles. deep conversations. comedy. kisses. laughter. autumn. spring. pampering. self care. 

Living a life that is compartmentalised into several sections is exhausting.   I've been craving to find the intersection where life/work/love roll into one big ball.  I want to be able to integrate every aspect of myself in everything I do.  And I think I just discovered how.

I've been on this quest for quite sometime.  the 'rouge awakening' (as Sera Beak would say) which happened about this time last year, really ignited this wild fire within.  So there's going to be some changes around here.  The forcast for May was movement, and boy has it been a roller coaster ride.  The juicy details will be revealed soon.  But for now i'm celebrating wisdom expanding, ideas transforming, and life integrating. 

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