social media: dissolving communication barriers + fostering deep and meaningful connections

There’s something amazing happening here on the Sunshine Coast.  Maybe it’s been here the whole time and I’m simply discovering it now because my awareness is expanding.   Or maybe it’s thanks to social media.

I know some people get their knickers in a knot about facebook and twitter, but I truly believe these mediums are powerful tools to harness for anyone who has a message to share.  

When I studied marketing at uni, sharing your message/service/product was all about identifying who would want it, then discovering how to market/package/sell to those people so they want to buy it.  This process is all about 'pleasing others'. 

It's a vital + necessary aspect for anyone in business.  But for any of us who have lived a life of pleasing others, know that it's draining + exhausting, and eventually leads to resentment.  Operating from this viewpoint of constantly pleasing others is not sustainable.  

Harnessing the sustainable power of attracting.

There has been a massive shift lately towards sacred commerce, conscious business, meaningful work, and authentic art: people who have a desire to share their story + their message to anyone who will listen. 

This is the beauty of social media: those willing to listen will seek you out.  They will find you, befriend you, follow you, and connect with you.  And because they seek you out there’s no convincing needed: they already get it. 

So I invite you to put it out there, wear your heart on your sleeve, and give it your all.  Because when you do, you create space for others to put it out there, and wear their heart on their sleeve, and give it their all.   

You create space for communication barriers to dissolve + for deep and meaningful connections to grow.

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