The {pleasure} of new projects.

So today is the official launch of the 'Shed Project'.  Conincidently, my own little 'shed project' is almost completed.  For the past few months we have been busy converting a shed into a 2 bedroom flat.  One of the biggest missions was the actual cleanout of the space.  This was actually meant to be a joint effort between me and my dad, but he got most it done by himself.  You see, a few weeks prior to this task, I helped my mum declutter her entire kitchen, and unlike my folks, I have no hesitation in letting things like this go.  So I guess with this knowledge, my dad wasn't quiet prepared as my mum to "let go" of his possessions.   

Anyway, here is the progress so far:



Soon it will be time to sort out all the things I have in storage and decide if it makes it into this small sacred space :-)

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